What we do

Focus Insights provides research and analysis from a Biblically Christian worldview on current events, cultural trends and emerging ideas that impact churches, families and communities.

Our purpose

Focus Insights seeks to encourage and empower Christians to serve God and redeem their communities.

Our distinctives

Biblically orthodox Christian worldview

The Bible is the inspired and authoritative word of God and is the lens through which we explore any issue.

Credible research

Since the Truth matters to us, we strive to get the facts right; if we make a mistake, we aim to correct it as soon as possible.

Easy to understand

Although rigorous in our research, we aim to present information and ideas in ways that are clear and comprehensible to everyone.

Practical information

Knowledge is great, but without action it helps no one. Our aim is that the research and analysis we provide will encourage people to act in ways that express God’s love and seek the peace and prosperity of their communities.

Loving boldness

We aim to boldly proclaim and defend our views, while always being mindful that those who disagree with us have been created in the image of God, and that we have been called to love them. Our passion for Jesus Christ is not an excuse for being mean, rude or disrespectful.

Who we are

Focus Insights is an initiative of Focus on the Family Canada. The Focus Insights website is maintained by Derek Rogusky, senior vice-president of research and Subby Szterszky, managing editor. You can find out more about the mission, vision and core values of Focus on the Family Canada.

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